If you want to send something more than a jolt of sweetness with your Valentine's Day chocolates this year, a box full of chocolates shaped like human organs might be more up your alley. By just taking some melted chocolate and pouring it into these human organ silicone molds, you'll be able to give that special someone a Valentine's Day gift they'll never forget.

This morbid silicone mold can be used to make sweets including chocolates and jello snacks, or as an easy way to decorate cupcakes and other desserts. It has five separate compartments in the shape of lungs, intestines, the stomach, the brain, and the heart, and realistically reproduces details like the wrinkles of the brain and veins in the heart. If not for Valentine's Day, it's great for Halloween parties or everyday baking projects for lovers of horror and gore.

Though probably not for those with a weak stomach, the human organ mold will let certain lovebirds send each other unconventional Valentine's Day sweets with a slightly grisly twist. You can get them from Village/Vanguard stores in Japan for 1,200 yen (US$10.70).

By - grape Japan editorial staff.