While Japan has its share of gimmick hotels such as the now famous Robot Hotel with velociraptors, many seek to take advantage of their unique surrounding scenery to accommodate guests, as seen with Hokkaido's ice hotel and an entire Tokyo town that doubles as a hotel. Rich with lush scenery, distinct local cuisine, and vibrant culture, hotels around the Setouchi inland sea have a lot of inspiration to draw from. A new hotel by the name of Guntu is deciding not to limit you to any one attraction, however, as it will operate as a floating hotel that drifts around Setouchi inland sea.

While one might not think Guntu to be all that different than staying on an overnight cruise ship, the design and services of the floating hotel allow for a distinctly Japanese experience while drifting along a coast that hosts a treasure trove of cultural attractions including beautiful World Heritage Sites, art festivals, and the famous and fluffy rabbit island. Guntu has all the makings of a ryokan (traditional Japanese inn), including soothing hot baths and traditional food, that operates from a boat.

On their website, Guntu writes that they aspire to provide flexible services that match up with how their guests choose to pass their time. While a passenger boat will allow guests to be dropped off at local attractions and islands, Guntu will offer up freshly caught fish at their sushi bar and dining area, along with a gym, beauty salon, and traditional Japanese onsen.

Even when you're not out and about on an excursion or the morning strolls the hotel provides, you can admire a wonderful view of the coastlines and islands you pass by thanks you the boat being made as open space as possible, and extra-large windows in your room.

Guntu's website doesn't have a price immediately available, as they run an application system for the hotel's opening in September, 2017, but Spoon & Tamago estimates food and activity inclusive packages to start at 300,000 yen ($2700 USD).

By - grape Japan editorial staff.