Spring is one of the most highly anticipated seasons in Japan, and when the warm, blue-skied, cherry blossom-filled time of year is just around the corner, the celebration begins. As we’ve seen before with summery and spooky series of doughnuts, Krispy Kreme Japan knows how to get the populace ready and excited for what’s coming their way. This spring, the doughnut chain has introduced 4 premium doughnuts that are as exclusive as they are delicious.

Only available at the Krispy Kreme location inside JR Nagoya’s Takashimaya department store in Aichi Prefecture, the new series of ultra mouthwatering doughnuts are made with some of Japan’s favorite ingredients — Brûlée Glazed Cream, Sakura, Matcha Azuki, and Caffè Latte!

Krispy Kreme Premium Brûlée Glazed Cream

This scrumptious doughnut has a dough filled with custard cream and has light whipped cream sandwiched in the middle. The surface is lightly torched for that bittersweet caramel flavor.

Krispy Kreme Premium Sakura

Perfect for springtime, the sweet and tart sakura doughnut is flavored with sakura paste, strawberry puree, and whipped cream.

Krispy Kreme Premium Matcha Azuki

Aiming for a traditionally Japanese taste, the Matcha Azuki is filled with Uji matcha whipped cream and azuki bean paste from Hokkaido Prefecture. It’s even sprinkled with gold powder!

Krispy Kreme Premium Caffè Latte Bunny

This adorable Caffè Latte Bunny comes after the popular Easter Bunny doughnut from last year, but our long-eared friend has hopped back with a brand new flavor. The bunny sports a charming red bowtie and has pie cookies for ears, while the doughnut is topped with slices of roasted almonds.

Rich as cake, these special doughnuts are available for 280 yen (US$2.45) each. For anyone who’s eager to have a bite of them all, there is also a boxed set of 4 for 1,120 yen (US$9.85).

The Brûlée Glazed Cream will be on sale for the rest of the year, but the other doughnuts will only be available until the following dates:

・Sakura and Caffè Latte Bunny: Until April 11th, 2017
・Matcha Azuki: Until May 30th, 2017

Head out to the nearest Krispy Kreme store to get an early bite of spring!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.