Being a holder of one world record might be enough for some people, but not Japanese martial arts expert Isao Machii. With five Guinness World Records already under his belt, Machii recently challenged himself to stand at the top of yet another category — Most martial arts sword cuts in one minute.

According to the rules, the cuts must be made into rush straw shafts that are a minimum of 90 cm (2.95 feet) in length, and divided into four sections of 15 cm (5.9 inches). As long as the sword slices through the 15 cm sections it is counted as one cut.

Source: YouTube

Standing prepared in a park in Toyonaka, Osaka, Machii skillfully wielded his katana as he sliced through the straw shafts a total of 87 times, setting a new world record. “I see Guinness World Records as a way of securing my legacy,” he told Guinness World Records in the official video of his successful attempt. He hopes that by continuing to break world records, his name will go down in history throughout the world as a master swordsman.

Besides his newest world record, Machii holds five others: Fastest BB pellet cut by sword, Most sword cuts to straw mats in three minutes, Most martial arts sword cuts to one mat (suegiri), Fastest 1,000 martial arts (iaido) sword cuts, and Fastest tennis ball cut by sword.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.