Last year, Japanese retailer Ii na stores decided a fun but quirky way to keep families that couldn't meet up for gatherings during the pandemic was to introduce a new customizable product: Dorayaki (traditional Japanese sweet bean filled cakes) that you could print a face on and send to a relative or friend.

As you can see, while the result can obviously be quite charming, the sweets could very easily have a...startling reflect!

The service for "Kao Dorayaki" (Face Dorayaki) gained enough popularity that Ii na Stores decided to expand their lineup a number of other items such as mugs and t-shirts, but it's their offering of face cookies and macarons that have been buzzing lately thanks to Valentine's Day. Because of course, there's nothing more romantic than acting your loved one to devour your face.

Once again, Ii na stores is collaborating with a local bakery and sweets makers for the the crispy and savory cookies, while the macarons come in a variety of flavors that include matcha, raspberry, and salted caramel among others.

The order process is the same as the face dorayaki. After placing an order at Ii na's online store, simply respond to an e-mail request with your preferred picture. If you have particularly long hair they ask you to raise it a bit in order to fit your face on the cookie, however.

By - Big Neko.