While there are many luxurious bento, or packaged Japanese lunch boxes, found around the country, a big advantage a homemade bento has is that it can be decorated artistically with clever use of ingredients.

However, that cute and creative decoration can just as easily be used for vindictive means. In Japan, there is a thing called "revenge bento", which are bento that wives and mothers make to exact punishment on husbands and children who have upset them. This usually comes in the form of loading the bento with non-appetizing or at least unexciting ingredients, but as Japanese Twitter user and husband @JZX90Masaya recently found out, a message.

He recently shared on Twitter a picture of his bento saying "I had a fight with my wife yesterday. This was my bento. Reporting live from the scene."

Source: @JZX90Masaya

While most might think the plain serving of what appears to be just rice and a meager sampling of Japanese pickles, spelled out in nori seaweed on top of the rice is the word "kuso", a cuss word that can be translated to a number of pejoratives depending on the situation, but commonly as "shit" or "crap"--which is a strong message to send at lunctime!

You might think this is a tale of "revenge is a dish best served cold" or "don't bite the hand that feeds you", it actually has a happy ending. Upon eating the bento, @JZX90Masaya made a discovery and shared the following picture and text:

"There was meat hidden underneath. I love my wife after all."

Source: @JZX90Masaya

By - Big Neko.