Just when we thought we had seen the ultimate in Japanese summer feline fashion with cat-motif yukata, it turns out there is a purrfect pair for it in the form of cat-shaped traditional Japanese sandals, allowing cat-lovers to show off their fondness for kitties in style.

The three-piece series of cute cat sandals come courtesy of Nara-based geta (traditional Japanese elevated sandals) and footwear maker Narageta, and are called the Nyarageta--a pun combining the maker's name with the Japanese word for "meow" ("Nya"). Narageta produces a variety of geta designs, combining traditional aesthetics and technique with modern technology for foot comfort and mobility. The Nyarageta are said to use a design material called EVA, a water-resilient and foam-based shock absorbent upgrade to usually stiff geta, and are safe to take even on casual strolls.

The cat geta are available as three different types of cat.

Tabby Cat (Toraneko)

Calico Cat (Mikeneko)

Black Cat (Kuroneko)

Nyarageta are available for order from Narageta's website, but are also being sold at Japanese oddity and bookstore Village Vanguard for pre-order, priced at 3,780 yen. While these are both domestic shipping options within Japan, it's possible that a proxy service such as Japan Trend Shop will get a hold of them, or that Amazon will add them to their list of Narageta supplies.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.