Since it first came out in November 2016, the Starbucks Pudding has been extremely popular in Japan as a mesmerizingly creamy cup of deliciousness that often sells out before customers can choose between custard or chocolate. But to make deciding even harder, Starbucks Japan has released another flavor that we can already guarantee will be a huge hit.

Available at stores since April 1st is the new Matcha Pudding, a smooth matcha-flavored pudding arriving just in time for the sunny spring season. For an extra kick of matcha flavor, they've even added a layer of rich matcha syrup at the bottom, making sure you're satisfied until the very last bite. If you happened to miss out on the limited time sakura series, this elegant taste of Japanese green tea will definitely make up for it.

News that the Matcha Pudding would be released on April Fool's Day had a lot of people wondering if it was all just a joke, but as we've (fortunately) discovered, it was far from it. The Matcha Pudding is now available at Starbucks stores in Japan for 320 yen (US$2.90). There are 3 different cup designs for this particular product, so seeing which one you'll get is yet another way to enjoy it!

Source: Starbucks Japan

By - grape Japan editorial staff.