Cities throughout Japan are often known to make elaborate videos to help promote their area, and we've seen everything from a stunning 4K drone footage of the San'in Region to a video imagining life without blades. This time, it was Oita City in Oita Prefecture that created adorably touching promotional videos featuring a traveling monkey.

The story of the monkey is told over the course of a 2-part short film. It begins as the monkey's journey commences on a train, and follows him as he visits popular destinations like hot springs and art museums, while also getting a taste of the delicious regional cuisine found throughout the city. Things take a sudden turn, however, when he falls head over heels over an image of Charlotte, a female monkey living in Takasakiyama Monkey Park. Heading toward his new destination in a suit with flowers in hand, how will the pursuit of his romantic interest finally unfold?

Part 1: Tabi (Journey)

Part 2: Koi (Love)

Watch the making of "Saru Tabi" below:

By - grape Japan editorial staff.