In the past we've introduced Bell the Minuet kitten and her bushy little tail, but now the adorably fluffy kitty is slightly more grown up. As if to prove she's not a baby anymore, Bell has been enjoying playtime in a more grown-up manner, which in her case involves dabbling in cosplay of her other animal friends.

According to the response from Japanese netizens, the peak of her cosplay cuteness was this past Easter when she was given a furry headband with bunny ears attached to it. Understandably, the hearts of everyone who watched this playful clip on Bell's Instagram were melted like chocolate by the feline's irresistible charm.

This wasn't the last of Bell's dress-up, however, as she also wore an extravagant mane to show off her inner lion.

With a cat this cute, we wish every day was Easter.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.