When Japanese online shop Felissimo isn't bolstering their YOU+MORE! series (a play on the pronunciation of "humor" in Japanese) with scratch and sniff sheets that smell like cat and Shiba Inu bellies or cat-themed yukata, they make sure to give some love to our floppy-eared friends with a lot of adorable rabbit merchandise. Their latest in bunny goods emphasizes volume over anything, however, with this big and comfy French Lop rabbit cuddling cushion!

The plump cushions are modeled after the thickset and loppy eared French Lop breed of rabbit, and the item's dimensions and volume reflect that. The especially large sized rabbit cushions are said to have a soft marshmallow-esque texture, perfect for cuddling---and doing other things in this demonstration video.

Outside of the huggable dimensions, Felissimo is proud to have cutely and accurately replicated the French Lop's appearance, hoping to reproduce the feeling of owning an actual rabbit at home. Standout features include full color print all over the body (including inside the ears), life-like eyes, a perky bunny butt and tail, and a cheeky facial expression.

The big French Lop cuddle cushions are currently available for order at Felissimo's Japanese site for 5,400 yen, but should soon be made available at Felissimo's international site as well. Current orders (on the Japanese site) are being taken through September, with shipment expected in August.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.