Though not exactly the most nutritious food out there, instant ramen noodles are a popular go-to for those lazy days when cooking a meal is out of the question. Despite being ready in about 3 minutes, many are so delicious that instant noodle fanatics will have no problem devouring a bowl (or two) of cup ramen almost every day. The appeal of instant ramen isn't just widespread among people, however, as Japanese Twitter user @BlueSky36229917 found out one day while cleaning out his Super Fire Ball Python's cage.

I came back from cleaning his poop to find him coiled around a cup of instant ramen.

The snake was left out on the table for only about a minute while @BlueSky36229917 did a quick sweep of the cage, managing to wrap itself around a cup of instant ramen during its brief time alone. It's not absolutely clear why he decided to hunt this particular food item (maybe he just knew it was delicious), but @BlueSky36229917 suspects that he was trying to find a place to hide on the open table.

Although the snake won't be able to devour his newly hunted prey, it's safe to say his adorable efforts were fully appreciated by the Japanese twitterverse.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.