Popular Japanese katsu chain Katsuya has recently been dishing out high calorie and heavy duty katsudon bowls as part of their "full power food" series, which includes bacon chicken katsu bowls, meaty udon chicken katsu bowls, and full power bento boxes.

Now Katsuya is giving lovers of karaage, Japanese fried chicken, a mouthful with their new takeout exclusive package that contains 1kg of karaage!

The 1kg serving contains 18 pieces of karaage for 1,080 yen, which is a bargain given that two pieces usually cost 162 yen. The massive karaage package is meant as a generous serving to help families (or people who eat a lot of karaage) as stay-at-home protocol is more strongly recommended in Japan.

The heavy serving of karaage will be available from Katsuya stores throughout Japan starting January 20th for a limited time, along with a number of other fried treats for takeout.

By - Big Neko.