A quick glance at Japanese artist Yoshimasa Tsuchiya’s animals sculptures won’t suffice to figure out what kind of material they’re made of. Smooth and delicate, each creature possesses a mystical beauty that captivates all who lay their eyes on it. The sculptures are so breathtakingly realistic that most people are unlikely to guess that they’re actually carved out of wood.

With wooden bodies and eyes made of crystal and glass, the animals resemble those you might expect to see in the world of fairytales. They are all the masterpieces of Tokyo-based woodcarving artist Tsuchiya, who has long been creating creatures that look like they’ve just arrived from unknown lands.

Those who want to see Tsuchiya’s works up close are in luck, because his woodcarvings will soon be exhibited at the Nihombashi Takashiyama Art Gallery in Tokyo. This particular gallery will be open to the public from July 26th to August 1st. Fans unable to see them in person can instead visit his Instagram where he shares many of his magical woodcarving pieces.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.