Japanese retailer Felissimo's "Cat Club" department of goods never fails to show some creativity when releasing their feline-themed goods, including past adventurous hits such as scratch and sniff stationery that smells like cat tummies, as well as cat-paw socks that make it easier to walk on hardwood floors. Now they've bolstered their "Completely Become A Cat" series with post-bath cat ear hairbands and cat-toe foot covers to help you creep around like a cat after your shower.

The hairband is actually called the "Quick-Drying After Bath Cat Ear Turban", and uses fast-drying fabric to make post-bathing hair and body care a quick effort, and tops things off with a feline aesthetic to simulate a kitty grooming session. Folding the top of the band up into the cat ear formation pulls up any wet hair dangling on your neck. The Cat Ear Turban is available in six different color and cat fur patterns.

Although not specifically for after your bath, Felissimo also carries a "Scottish Fold" variety, complete with folded ears.

For those looking for a complete feline transformation, a pastel roomwear set, as well as kitty-paw "foot cover" is available as well, with special attention made to the texture of the cat paws.

All items are currently available from Felissimo's international order website, and as with all Cat Club items, a portion of sales will go toward charity efforts to take care of stray cats.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.