Fans of the ever-popular blue-haired part-coiffed younger sister maid demoness, Rem, from the anime "Re:Zero: Starting Life in Another World" have been treated to some exciting news lately.

Not only was there an announcement on Sunday of a new original OVA episode, but there's a delightful collaboration with convenience store mainstay Lawson to look forward to as well!

From September 13 to October 16, Lawson is coming out with several types of Rem collaboration goods, some of them sold in select stores and others available for purchase online. Here is what has been announced thus far:

Acrylic Figure Stands

These attractive acrylic figure stands feature Rem in five different cosplay outfits and two autumn-themed situations:

Lawson uniform, Lawson's fried chicken mascot "kara-age kun", cafe waitress, pajamas, painter, moon-viewing and reading. They cost 1,111 JPY each before taxes

Life-Sized Tapestries

If you just can't get enough of Rem in your life, you'll be interested in these life-sized tapestries featuring the same cosplays and situations mentioned above. They cost 8,000 JPY before taxes.


If you'd prefer to show your love for Rem in a T-shirt, then you may want to choose one of these. They come in two varieties: Lawson uniform Rem and a collection of all seven Rems from the abovementioned series. They cost 6,800 JPY before taxes.

Please check out Lawson's special website for the list of select stores and the Loppi item numbers needed to place your orders.

In addition to the three types of goods listed here, Lawson will be selling rubber stamp keychains for 650 JPY (before taxes) as well as clear file folders featuring the seven Rems from this series for 1,200 JPY (before taxes). From September 26, you'll also be able to satisfy your hunger with a special snack featuring Rem, Ram and Emilia for 370 JPY (before taxes), each containing one of seven mini illustration panels featuring the three. More details are available on the main campaign page.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.