Japan Releases Coca-Cola Coffee

One of the major conveniences of Japan is that vending machines are around just about every corner, and outside of a variety of beverages, they sell just about everything, from sake to dashi. If you've ever spotted a Georgia brand vending machine, you'll have noticed it's owned by Coca-Cola and sells their products along with a variety of canned coffees. Now the brand is crossing streams with a vending machine exclusive Coca-Cola coffee called Coca-Cola Coffee Plus.

If you remember Coca-Cola BlāK, you'll know this isn't the first coffee Coca-Cola. While it doesn't feature the charming aesthetic of Japan's Sakura Design bottle、this Coca-Cola coffee hybrid makes up for visuals with a unique flavor. The product sells itself as having fifty percent less calories than a a regular can of cola (of comparable size), and fifty percent more caffeine--which is included in the drink in the form of coffee extract powder. Per 190ml can, there are 42 calories and 34mg of caffeine.

After trying it in the office, we can say that it has a very strong coffee aroma, very similar to an actual cup of coffee. As you can see below, it's just as carbonated as a regular can of Coke, and the initial flavor is very much cola. However, it has a very instant and somewhat bitter coffee aftertaste that some of our staff described as bitter and "mysterious", so there is a little imbalance in the flavor. That said, for those looking for a carbonated variety of coffee, you could do worse. Fortunately, it's only available in small 130ml cans, which is probably just the right amount to enjoy.

Grape Japan

By - grape Japan editorial staff.