You may remember that popular conveyor belt sushi chain (kaitenzushi) Kura Sushi took love for sushi a step further by introducing curry bread and cola made from sushi rice a year ago. Now the sushi chain is giving sushi-lovers a summer treat with the taste of sweet sake and sushi rice cola flavored cream puffs and more.

Sushi Rice Cola And Sweet Sake Cream Puffs

The whipped custard cream inside these cream puffs contains rice vinegar, along with the previously released sushi rice cola, which uses malted rice used in the traditional Japanese drink amazake, which is a sweet type of sake made from fermented rice, and is usually low in alcohol or completely alcohol free. It has a gentle sweetness and mellowness to the flavor, and also has the added bonus of a healthy image, as amazake contains 9 amino acids not produced by the human body. Because of certain health benefits, it's sometimes called a "drinkable IV" and also was enjoyed as a nutritional summer drink in the Edo period.

Sushi Rice Cola And Sweet Sake Shaved Ice

Amazake these days is typically enjoyed to warm up during festivals and the New Year season, allowing for the comforting taste of sweet sake with a nutritional bonus. These cream puffs are said to carry the sharp taste of the sushi rice cola, balanced by the sweet-tooth satisfying and rich amazake.

Sushi Rice Cola

The cream puffs are part of the "shari cola" series, with shari being "sushi rice", which along with "neta" (topping), make for the two critical ingredients in sushi. To celebrate the release, Kura Sushi will be renewing their sushi rice cola, along with a Sushi Rice Cola Shaved Ice, which serves shaved ice, a popular summer treat in Japan, drenched in sushi rice and syrup, also with the refreshing taste of sweet sake.

All Kura Sushi chains throughout Japan will be carrying the series starting July 7th, and the campaign will run for a limited time. Cream Puffs are priced at 100 yen and will sell as long as supplies last. Sushi rice cola is already available, but will be renewed in bottles you can take home from August 18th. Sushi Rice Shaved Ice will be available until September 14th. Cola is also available in bundles and cream puffs can be taken home, provided supplies last.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.