Mc Donald’s Japan are masters of thelimited edition menu. Their store window displays revolve so fast with McFlurries of seasonal and holiday treats that you can literally use them as a calendar. Sakura soda, oh must be spring again. Tsukimi burger? It’s Autumn! I thought it felt chilly. And for the past couple of years, Mc Donald’s Japan have been kicking January off with a trademark concoction of white chocolate and strawberry that is good enough to make your year before it has even started. Well put your Starbucks down folks because 2021 is no different!

The Limited edition White Chocolate Strawberry Dessert Drink Series

In select McCafe stores across Japan, McDonald’s is serving up 3 strawberry and white chocolate flavored beverages for a limited time only. Berry filled and blissfully sweet and creamy, these new year beverages beckon customers to take a break and taste bliss. The drinks are available now so the only question is, which one will you order (first)?

White Chocolate Strawberry Frappuccino

Price: ¥490 (excluding tax)

This frappucino combines a rich strawberry sauce infused milk base infused with a mountain of whipped cream topped with sliced strawberry flakes, strawberry sauce, and white chocolate shavings. Its taste is beautifully balanced, combining slightly tart strawberry and rich white chocolate flavors and a diverse medley of textures as crisp strawberry flakes play against the fluffy creaminess of the milk. Paradise is a sip away with this frappuccino.

Hote White Chocolate Strawberry Latte

Price: ¥390 (excluding tax)

The hot latte consists of steamed milk combined with strawberry sauce and strawberry syrup that creates a rich and fruity strawberry milk drink. The top is of course garnished with obligatory lashings of whipped cream, white chocolate flakes and strawberry sauce. A perfect pick me up for the cold winter weather.

Iced White Chocolate Strawberry Latte

Price: ¥390 (excluding tax)

Much like the hot latte, this version combines iced cold milk with double strawberry, syrup and sauce, for a cool version of that addictive saccharine, slightly sour strawberry milk base. Whipped cream, white chocolate and strawberry flakes and sauce are the cherry on this strawberry dessert drink. Is there a better way to end your first hot Mc Donald’s meal in 2021?

For more information about this New Year’s beverage line up, check out McDonald’s Japan's webpage here .

By - Toby M.