Electropop idol group Perfume have earned a solid fanbase in Japan as well as abroad by combining catchy, danceable tunes, fashionable retro-future stage outfits, unconventional and challenging choreography performed with amazing ease, and, most remarkably, by being pioneers at the forefront of technological innovation, their concerts and performances often blurring the boundary between real and virtual.

Earlier this summer, Perfume collaborated with Panasonic on a commercial promoting their new line of washing machines using a patented ActiveFoam system. Based on their single "Everyday," the commercial was posted together with a music video on Panasonic's website and uploaded to their official YouTube channel. Thanks to some clever promotion with former members of the Japan national team dancing the "Awa Dance" moves in perfect sync, the song's popularity has continued to rise, the original video now having been viewed over 3.5 million times.

Now, true to Perfume's cutting edge style, the video is being re-released in virtual reality, allowing fans to literally join in. As the special Panasonic website explains, you can "enjoy the video from stage center 360-degree view, giving you the realistic sensation of being on the same stage as Perfume."

Putting on a pair of VR goggles and pressing play...

source: [MV] Perfume「Everyday」-AWA DANCE 360°VR ver.-

Look! It's A-chan!

source: [MV] Perfume「Everyday」-AWA DANCE 360°VR ver.-

Now it's Nocchi!

source: [MV] Perfume「Everyday」-AWA DANCE 360°VR ver.-

And Kashiyuka!

Before you know it, you'll be dancing right along with them...

But even if you can't dance, there's no need to worry. The Perfume girls have got you covered with a special app that scans your body and creates an avatar to dance in the video for you!

The Perfume “Everyday” AWA DANCE App is available to download for your iPhone or iPad.

We asked one of our staff members to try it out. First, you stand with your arms outstretched for the camera to scan you...

...You repeat the same process for the back. Then, you can make some adjustments on your avatar in the screen...

...And voila!

You're dancing the Awa Dance like it's nobody's business...

We make a party everyday...It's so happy!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.