It’s been almost half a century since Go Nagai’s ‘Devilman’ began to haunt the minds of readers and viewers across the world with impressions and philosophical questions.
Originally published in 1972 by weekly Shonen magazine Kodansha and then serialised as its first anime in the same year by Toei Animation. In addition to the original manga and anime, the story has been readapted numerous times over the last 49 years with the most recent being Netflix original’s ‘DEVILMAN crybaby’ in 2018 which quickly became a hot topic not only in Japan but among fans around the world.

The story was designed as an ‘anti-war work’, with Nagai stating “ There is no justice in war, any war, nor is there any justification for human beings killing one another. Devilman carries a message of warning, as we step toward a bright future.”
Now a VR exhibition by Toei Animation and Sony Music Solutions is providing fans with the opportunity to ‘confront the devil sleeping inside their hearts’. The exhibition VR Devilman – Devil’s Mind, Human Mind – will be held on the virtual reality platform ‘VU Virtual Utopia’ from Wednesday 28 April to Monday 31 May 2021.

“Earthquakes, plagues, economic crises, like these continue to repeatedly threaten the human race and what it means to be human. How can one overcome fear and maintain human pride when faced with such disasters? Now that the world is changing, we dare to ask; What is the ideal form of the human mind?” – VR Devilman Exhibition introduction.

The exhibition highlights the similarities and contrasting elements that exist in the minds of the human and demon characters depicted in the world of Devilman. It is designed in a way that visitors will question their own beliefs and ‘confront the demon that is sleeping in their own hearts’.
The virtual event consists of 11 areas, each of which is an overwhelming fantasy space constructed to reflect impressive scenes and moments from the original manga, the 1972 anime by Toei animation and the 2018 Netflix original animation.

In addition to the event, more than 40 kinds of limited edition goods will be on sale from the start of the exhibition launch. The sale of these goods are not limited to exhibition visitors, so keep an eye out on the official website for what's available and how it can be purchased.

The exhibition platform can be downloaded for free as long as you have a computer that meets the operating requirements and a working internet connection. VR headsets are not required to explore the exhibition and whilst there is an admission fee to the main area, there is also an ‘experience area’ where it can be enjoyed for free.

Recently the entertainment industry has been through drastic changes, and with exhibitions moving online, organisers have had to push their events to the limit. This Devilman exhibition for example has seen the construction of a fantastic exhibit that could not have been realized in reality.

VR Devilman Exhibition - Devil's Heart, Human Heart

Date: Wednesday 28 April 2021 11: 00 – Monday 31 May 31 2021 23:59
Platform venue: Virtual space "VU Virtual Utopia" application
Official Twitter account
Official YouTube channel

Ticket sales

1 Day (date specified ticket): 2,200 yen
Free pass event ticket (can be used multiple days during event period): 5,500 yen
Free pass premium (goods included): 14,300 yen *limited to 1,000, shipping included, delivery available only within Japan

An optional audio guide featuring the voices of Megumi Han and Tomokazu Seki is available for an extra 550 yen.
Tickets go on sale from Wednesday 28 April to 17:00 on 31 May 2021. For more details check out the official website.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.