Yunessun is a public bath theme park in Hakone, which seems to boast the most interesting baths in Japan.

We’ve covered this resort before due to their temporary foray into maple syrup bathing, but they also have many other unique bath experiences which are permanent fixtures.

At the end of a hard day at work you may wish you could climb into a whole bath of wine. Well this wish is a reality at Yunessun. The deep-red bath has a relaxing wine scent and offers beautifying effects to the skin.

On the other side of the spectrum, perhaps a coffee bath could really wake you up in the morning. This bath has recharging effects and of course will benefit your skin.

Public bathing is a steadfast Japanese tradition. Natural hot springs can be found all over the country and are lauded for their beneficial effect on the skin. Usually public baths or 'onsen' are separated into men and women’s areas and they aren’t for the bashful, since bathers must go fully nude.

However, Yunessun’s unique baths are situated in a mixed-gender, swim-suit area of the resort, so everyone can try out these strange bathing experiences together.

This area also includes water slides and a ‘scenic bath’ with a beautiful view of the mountains in the surrounding area.

Like most Japanese public baths, people with visible tattoos will not be able to enter the bathing areas.

The resort is totally accessible from Tokyo, less than two hours away by train and bus, making it a great day trip for those who find baths filled with just hot water a bit blasé.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.