The Hero Lens key chain that we covered recently had captured the imagination of scores of Twitter users. Simply hold the plastic key chain up and you can turn your every day life into a video game.

However, the physical key chain is difficult to get your hands on. They have only been sold at one convention in Japan so far. But in answer to everyone’s interest, the creator of the Hero Lens, Twitter user @itopoid has released an online application that does the same job and can be used by anyone with a smartphone or webcam.

Source: @itopoid

The app has 40 lines to choose from for the dialogue box and a secret one to find. They are all in Japanese, but even if you can't read the lines, it still looks cool! The creator uploaded this shot to Twitter, noting that the app works particularly well with wistful sunsets.

We gave it a go ourselves at the grape office in an attempt to turn our every day worklife into a romantic epic, and we think it worked pretty well!

grape Japan

Try it out by simply opening in your smartphone browser.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.