In Japan, cats and shrines can sometimes go hand in hand. Whether it be shrines that carry a feline theme to begin with, or those where kitties take up very photogenic refuge.

Kimito (@ShmCip), an architect in Tokushima City, Tokushima Prefecture, who focuses on shrine and temple architecture in order to revitalize dying shrines and temples, recently found out that portable shrines are no different.

Recently, Kimito was repairing an old mikoshi (portable shrine), believed to have been built in the Meiji era (1868-1912). After taking his eyes off the mikoshi for a brief moment, he was surprised to see that more than just his repairs had changed its appearance when he turned back to look at it.

Source: @ShmCip

"An imposing cat god who entered while I was fixing a mikoshi portable shrine. Nice shot!"

A combination of the cat's sudden appearance, natural fit in the shrine, and powerful stare has many on Twitter captivated, with some joking that the kitty is a messenger of the gods or a feline deity himself!

"The expression on his face is so majestic, I feel like I have to worship him..."

"He fits so perfectly on it. It's kinda scary..."

"He looks like a god that brings good fortune."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.