Seasons change, and in Japan they also bring along with them a host of kikangentei (limited time only) items. In order to truly celebrate the time of year, people want to enjoy food and drink which express the characteristics of the season, either in taste or presentation.

Often getting a taste for the autumn means fall produce like sweet potato, chestnut and pumpkin, but with the recent proliferation of Halloween in Japan, increasingly companies want to hop on the spooky bandwagon for their kikangentei offerings.

The chain doughnut shop, Mister Donut is just one of those companies that have chosen to make Halloween inspired products and the results, as expected of Japan, are very cute.

Most of the Halloween doughnuts take the form of the classic last-minute makeshift costume, the mummy. The campaign is called ‘Misudo’s (a short version of Mister Donut) Halloween Mummy’ and they really took this theme and ran with it.

First is a chocolate chestnut mummy. A chocolate doughnut has been sandwiched with chestnut whipped cream, there’s a chocolate coating for the face and white chocolate lines to show the bandages.

There’s a white version too made with a ‘Pon de Ring’ style doughnut, using a white chocolate coating and even more white chocolate to create the bandages.

The next type of doughnut is filled with whipped cream and fragrant cinnamon apple jam, offering something different to the chocolate heavy alternatives. A strawberry chocolate coating creates the cute face poking out from the top of the white chocolate bandage lines. The wide chocolate eyes give a cute and quirky look to these spooky creations.

The pumpkin type doughnuts come in two varieties, the Black Jack O’ Lantern Donut Masked Gentleman and the Black Jack O’ Lantern Donut Masked Lady. Both are chocolate flavoured doughnuts, the gentleman is covered in white chocolate and the lady in strawberry chocolate.

The last in the doughnut line-up is an adorable black tea flavoured stick doughnut mummy covered in a white chocolate coating with even more white chocolate as bandages.

So which doughnut chain store in Japan has the cutest Halloween kikangentei? Take a look at Krispy Kreme's adorable Halloween line-up and decide for yourself!

By - Jess.