In recent years, an abundance of talented Japanese artists have begun to share their work on Twitter, to the appreciation of many. Whether it's mind-blowing 3D art, dark and deep thought-provoking illustrations, or animals transformed with fantasy-inspired anthropomorphism, there seems to be no end of new styles and artwork to discover.

Born in Chiba prefecture, illustrator and graphic designer Nadesico Rin's style focuses on more traditional aspects of Japanese art and culture. On her official website, she cites a love for Japanese art and culture, the aesthetic of which has raised her and led her to the focus of her artwork. The primary focus of Nadescio's artwork are otome, or Japanese maidens, combining elements of bijinga (artwork of beautiful women, popular as ukiyo-e woodblock prints) while celebrating other interests such as kabuki, kimono, Buddhism, and even guitars. She makes these beautiful women the focus of her art to gently showcase the "strength that lurks within a woman", as well as the beauty of the wise and resolute.

Below are a few samples of her outstanding work. If you would like more information on Nadesico, please check out her official site, which contains news and gallery information, as well as give her a follow on Twitter.

Kagamijishi (The Lion Dance)


Thousand-armed Goddess of Mercy

Neko yori Dango (Cats over Flowers)











By - Big Neko.