Japanese illustrator Avogado6 (アボガド6) doesn't offer much of a description of himself in his Twitter profile, simply stating that "I'm an ordinary person who likes chemistry. I create video works," but one look at his thought-provoking artwork reveals that his interests run far deeper than that. The talented artist's illustrations often seem simple at first glance, but offer a poignant exploration of complicated mental and social issues, such as the debilitating nature of depression and a reliance on technology.

Recently, Avogado6's works also include a recurring pair of a grim reaper character and the angelic ghost of a deceased child who seem to be exploring the afterlife together.

Avogado6 has published several books available on Amazon, as well as his homepage. Below is a selection of some of Avogado6's outstanding work, with the titles translated into English.

A person who wants to live, and a person who wants to die.


I don't want to become an adult.

Because I'm different from everyone else.

My parent's wallet.



I'm not lonely.


Crawling on the ground.

The bottom.

A house with no "welcome home".

20 years.

Sleep paralysis.

Going for a walk.

Dinner that got cold.


Where is Heaven?

I wonder if I can become a good kid?


Warm cheeks

By - Big Neko.