If you've spent enough time on the internet, you likely don't need to be told that Japanese commercials have a tendency to embrace a bit of eccentricity in order to stand out, as can be seen by the New Zealand All Blacks crushing Japanese schoolgirls in order to save Tokyo. In addition to not shying away from what might be called weird, many Japanese commercials incorporate short but catchy jingles to pound the product or service they're promoting into your head--even if that means making a catchy tune about getting circumcisions.

Tokyo Ueno Clinic's commercial for preventive phimosis (a condition where foreskin of the penis cannot be pulled back across the glans) never states outright what service the clinic is advertising, but the message is made clear through a suggestive jingle and visuals. The commercial is titled "Goodbye Turtleneck Boy" and features a man pulling back his turtleneck to reveal a new youthful self, and includes lyrics such as "Goodbye to my old self and the past where I had no confidence. I want to meet my new life, bursting out of nowhere. Become a man one rank above the others. Bye bye, goodbye turtleneck boy!"

If the message of embracing a new foreskinless life and the confidence that comes with being a captain without a hat wasn't clear enough, the commercial ends with our turtleneckless captain locking eyes with a cute, smiling girl. You can also check out Tokyo Ueno Clinic's website for further confirmation.

By - Big Neko.