Japanese Twitter user @aiwendil1 says in their Twitter profile that they're a "engineer and researcher who loves all things that are difficult to classify", and their fascinating creative designs and art pieces are a testament to that. aiwendil1's latest piece is only a prototype and an unfinished product, but it contemplates the depth of the universe.

aiwendil1 recently shared the work in progress on Twitter calling it "An egg where the stars are born and die."

Source: @aiwendil1

Source: @aiwendil1

Here it is in motion!

aiwendil1 says that the inspiration behind the piece comes from giving a physical representation to the comparison from the universe to an egg found in myths, traditions, and various literary works dating back to early times. The work is particularly motivated by the thought of "what if our theories and ideas of universes was actually shown in reality?" In a way it might be fair to call it "Lovecraftian"

The work in progress belongs to a series of aiwendil1's works titled "Fictitious Specimen Museum" where the goal is to reproduce in reality "things that should not exist".

Some of the series' prior works include "Birds of the Atmosphere" displayed in an exhibit last year.

As well as this gorgeous snow and ice crystal piece!

If you want to follow more of this awesome work in progress and other pieces follow @aiwendil1 for more!

By - Big Neko.