Japanese commercials have a reputation for being rather...creative, so when the task of advertising a means of risk prevention and coupling it with inspiring enthusiasm for the Rugby World Cup in 2019 (which Japan is hosting), you knew it wouldn't be a simple endeavor. With a theme of "Tackle the Risk", Japanese Insurance company AIG called upon a team of hard-hitters who know all about tackling--The All Blacks!

The commercial shows some pretty impressive production quality and coordination, and features New Zealand's mighty rugby team solving a set of problems and impending accidents in Tokyo by doing what they do best--hit people really freaking hard.

Riding surprising success and a renewed passion for rugby from the previous World Cup, it's pretty common to see team Japan's star player Ayumu Goromaru's face in everything from beer ads to variety talk shows, but having the All Blacks actually appear in the commercial may be a hint of how excited Japan is getting about hosting the event. And while maybe spearing a schoolgirl into the pavement is something that would require an entirely different type of insurance, it's always a nice reminder to be proactive when it comes to handling risks with insurance.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.