Japan releases supplement line of sashimi in a bag

Fitness fans in Japan now have an alternative to pills and powders when looking to get their supplement fix. Well, the option was always there, but this time it's hiding in a different package. If you've ever wandered through a pharmacy or convenience store in Japan, you may have noticed that in the nutrition corner, supplements are often packaged in these bright plastic bags, and labeled with whatever vitamin they provide, or sometimes simply what they are recommended for (heavy drinking, cholesterol, low energy, etc.).

These particular packages read "Protein", "Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12". A look inside, however, will show that while they provide that nourishment, it's not in the way you might expect. That's because they're a new lineup of supplements offered by Shizuoka-based fishery Kaisho, which is simply sashimi in a bag.

The series is called "ari no manma" or "just the way it is", although it's a play on words as "manma" can also refer to food. Each frozen package has an assigned serving of sashimi that is rich in the corresponding nutrients it masquerades as, and is marketed as an easy way to supplement your diet, particularly if you don't usually eat fish. Store in your fridge, and once the package has thawed, simply pry open and add a splash of soy sauce for flavor.

Tear open

Add soy sauce

Protein: Tuna

B6: Salmon

B12: Sweet Shrimp

The packages can be ordered online via Kaisho's website for one set of three for 1,020 yen ($9.24 USD) or two sets of three for 1´ŻĄ950 yen ($17.66 USD) within Japan.

Packages come with an attached plastic fork to keep your hands free of any fishy smell.

By - Big Neko.