Japanese makers seem to be discovering the fun of cat-shaped molds lately. In recent years we've seen molds that turn sand and snow into decorative cats, as well as good luck cat structures. Cooking and kitchen supply makers Kokubo is bringing kitties to your dinner table, however, with their new miniature molds that transform food into little cats.

The molds produce 6cm cats out of whatever you can stuff into them. Simply pack them into the appropriately named Meow Mold, press out the liquid, and create your culinary kitten as the video shows below.

Featured in the video is grated daikon raddish, which is traditionally served with grilled fish dishes. You can cleverly decorate the cat's coat pattern with dabs of soy sauce as well.

Of course, you can use any ingredient you want as long as it fits in the mold. Grated vegetables such as carrots probably work best, however.

The molds can be purchased from Kokubo's online store for 198 yen.

By - Big Neko.