Cat owners the world over grapple with the same problem. Spending a ton of money on elaborate cat toys, beds, towers and other trinkets that you were sure your pet would just love.

Only for them to completely ignore it. Or just play with the box it came in instead.

But this cat video has gone viral because it shows this, the rarest of victories for cat lovers. After buying an adorable cat-sized bed, the kitty is actually sleeping in it.

What makes it even cuter is that the bed is in the style of a traditional Japanese futon set.

Munchkin cats are characterised by their short legs, making them look like the feline version of a dachshund. The way this kitty’s little front legs poke out from under the cover is unbearably cute, and you feel like you’ve never seen such a comfy animal in your life.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.