Anthony Davis requesting a trade. LeBron returning from injury. John Salley confirming the totally surprising fact that Stephen Jackson always had the best weed. There's been a lot of interesting buzz around the NBA lately as the season moves towards its more important half, but one recent trend that seems to be sticking out more and more is the adopting of what fans are referring to as "ninja headbands."

Brooklyn’s Jarrett Allen loves rocking the "ninja headband."

Truthfully, it may not be the most accurate nickname for the long-tailed and flowing headbands that several NBA players have starting opting for in place of traditional wraps (and let's face it, you see this in Tennis all the time), but many fans have likened them to headwear seen in popular anime, video games, or even Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Whatever popular fiction they remind you of, they bear a resemblance to hachimaki, traditional Japanese headbands that are worn to instill courage or show off pride. They are often seen at Japanese festivals, and in some (albeit rare and exaggerated) cases students will wear them with motivational slogans like "Pass!" when studying for an important exam.

They've been fairly popular at the high school and collegiate level, but this season seems to have seen a spike in NBA players taking to them.

Even if The Brow leaves, Jrue Holiday will can always be a ninja.

Montrezl Harrell (Los Angeles Clippers)

Jimmy Butler (Philadelphia 76ers)

Wesley Matthews (Dallas Mavericks)

Damion Lee (Golden State Warriors)

While it's yet to be determined if they unlock any ninja-esque powers, they look pretty cool and may be the gateway to sponsors releasing Naruto-style plated headbands.

By - Big Neko.