Japan has seen its share of extravagant burgers--including Ghostbusters and pitch black Studio Ghibli burgers, but the Oak Door Steakhouse in Tokyo's Grand Hyatt hotel may be offering up the most luxurious of them all. It's called the Golden Giant Burger, and it clocks in at 3 kilograms (6.6l pounds) and 100,000 yen ($898.70 USD)!

As you may have guessed, the hefty price of the burger is credited to the carefully selected premium ingredients that the steakhouse prides itself on. The Golden Giant Burger is being released to celebrate the welcoming of a new Emperor and era in Japan. The celebratory burger includes slices of fine Japanese Black wagyu, 1 kg of US prime beef, gold powdered buns, sliced truffles, two whole onions, five tomatoes, and cheddar cheese. At 25 cm in diameter, 15 cm in height it's quite the mouthful.

Guests can also choose a magnum sized bottle of wine to go with the grand burger, which is included in the 100,000 yen price.

If you feel like taking on this luxurious challenge, note that you need to place your order for the burger three days in advance. You can find access information and the Oak Door Steakhouse operating hours at the hotel homepage.

By - Big Neko.