Earlier this year, Asahi announced that it would be putting a twist on Asahi Super Dry by releasing a version that allowed you to experience drinking a foamy straight draft beer out of a can.

Called Asahi Super Dry Jockey ("Jockey" refers to a beer mug in Japanese), the can employs a lid that removes the entire top of the can to reveal a wide mouth. The can has an inner lining system that creates more of an instantaneous rise of finer bubbles and foam to recreate the experience of drinking from a freshly poured mug of beer. Despite the wide mouth, the can employs a double safety structure for safe drinking.

You can see a few examples of how it works in Tweets below:

Despite only just being released in convenience stores on April 6th, however, Asahi just recently announced that they would have to put a temporary suspension on shipments due to a very positive sales response.

The planned release in supermarkets beginning April 20th still seems to be on schedule, but it appears that the preference beer lovers in Japan have for healthy servings of head may require a few extra boxes in that shipment.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.