Bubble tea’s popularity has positively exploded in Japan. The mad rush has inspired many novel and creative ways to serve up the chewy beverage, including ‘drinkable sun block’, Halloween zombie boba, and even a bubble tea theme park.

Japanese convenience store Lawson want to get in on the tapioca action too, and they’ve gone for the gimmick of most affordable bubble tea yet.

Although billed as the ‘100 yen tapioca’ (about $0.94), this doesn’t include tax, so the price you will actually pay for the bargain beverage is 108 yen ($1.02). At just over one dollar, it’s still not too shabby.

Lawson have already had a bubble tea on their shelves since March this year, but they set themselves the challenge of taking the price down to 100 yen. After tinkering with the packaging design and recipe for half a year, it seems they have finally managed it.

It probably won’t be the height of bubble tea luxury, but the convenience store chain didn’t want to sacrifice quality to make the product. They used Assam tea leaves from India and chewy tapioca which won’t harden.

It’s true that Lawson’s super cheap boba offering is only 180ml, compared to the larger amount you would get at a bubble tea specialist shop, but if you consider that some of these bubble teas go for 600 or 700 yen, it’s probably still a steal. If you want to grab one for yourself you can’t just stroll into any Lawson though, you’ll have to hunt down a Lawson 100 store.

The boba boom in Japan doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all, so who knows what wild and wonderful tapioca creations we will see next.

But, if you’re opting for something a bit more extravagant than $1 bubble tea, check out our list of the best boba specialty shops in Tokyo!

By - Jess.