There are certainly some amazingly talented cardboard artists out there, including a welder couple who made a feline mecha for their cats. Cardboard artist Dr. Mtan (@mtan78) may have taken things to the next level with his cardboard Mechazilla cosplay--with fully functional turning head and rotating wrists!

@mtan78's shiny Mechagodzilla suit is impressive enough in appearance, but the rotating hand mechanism and mobility in the suit, which @mtan78 says is difficult to pull off, set it apart from other costumes. @mtan78 posted the video saying that he intends to make up for a previous iteration that didn't go well at this year's "Danborian Festival" (@danborian_fes), a cardboard cosplay festival in Aomori prefecture that has featured impressive cardboard creations of Bumblebee from Transformers, and even a cardboard Mel Gibson!

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By - Big Neko.