Starbucks Japan continues to march through the year with seasonal Frappuccino flavors, having wrapped up summer with "Peach on the Beach" Frappuccinos and a fall preview with Green Apple Jelly and Baked Pink Apple flavors. Now as Japan readies for its beautiful and vibrant autumn leaves (koyo), customers can look forward to an appropriately colorful offering this fall: The Sweet Potato Gold Frappuccino!

The new Frappuccino's base is actually a traditional Japanese sweet snack called imo kenpi, which are candied strips of sweet potato. In this case, imo kenpi coated in a syrup glaze extracted from aged Japanese sweet potatoes were blended up to give the Golden Sweet Potato Frappuccino a crunchy texture, and the glaze itself is also swirled in the drink for a rich, sweet syrupy kick.

If Frappuccinos aren't your thing, Starbucks Japan is also releasing a Sweet Potato Gold Macchiato, which uses a sweet potato syrup to add a checkered layer of fall flavor to a caramel macchiato.

Both will be on sale at Starbucks across Japan starting September 20th and running until October 10th.

By - Big Neko.