Every day might seem like a long vacation for adorable Sanrio characters, but even they get together during the hot months of the year to help make their fans’ summer breaks unforgettable.

This year, they’re holding the extra special Summer Carnival 2016 at the Sanrio characters park Harmony Land, located in Oita Prefecture. The month-and-a-half long festival will include the usual attractions and shows available at the park, but also a limited edition food menu of charming food and desserts!

Ice Parfait Grande (only 5 servings per day!)

Shaved ice topped with special whipped cream made from condensed milk, this hard-to-get-ahold-of dessert is adorned with 7 daifuku (mochi stuffed with red bean paste) donning the faces of Hello Kitty, My Melody, and Gudetama. You can even take home the My Melody bowl it’s served in!


Source: PR Times

Hello Kitty & Gudetama Ice Parfait

Stay loyal to your favorite character by picking either the strawberry milk-flavored Hello Kitty parfait, or the Gudetama orange milk-flavored parfait. Both are topped with condensed milk whipped cream and a daifuku of one of the characters.


Source: PR Times

Gudetama Sundae and Gudetama Pudding

For a more creamy dessert, Sanrio’s lazy egg has got you covered with sundaes and pudding.


Source: PR Times

More savory and adorable food!

You’ll have a hard time picking out your lunch and dinner, too, with even more cute plates including Gudetama Napolitan Pasta (Japanese ketchup pasta), Pompompurin Hashed Beef Rice, Gudetama Taco Rice, and Gudetama Omurice Curry.


Source: PR Times


Source: PR Times

Harmony Land’s Summer Carnival 2016 will be held until August 31st, so you still have plenty of time to head over for a filling day of delicious food and desserts. If you know you’ll love being surrounded by food and adorable Sanrio characters, it definitely won’t get any better than this.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.