As spring inches nearer, inhabitants of Japan can prepare themselves, not just for an oncoming flurry of pretty pink petals, but a deluge of products inspired by said petals.

Sakura, or cherry blossom, is the undisputed symbol of spring in Japan. Nowadays, the traditional spring pastime of Hanami (flower viewing picnics or strolls) would simply not be complete without cherry blossom themed and flavoured goods to enjoy. Companies from Starbucks, to McDonalds, to Pocky, and countless others, are more than willing to conform to market demand and provide us with all the various pink and floral goods we desire.

But this product from Nittoh Tea, is designed to be enjoyed at home, perhaps while observing the delicate blossoms through your own window.

‘Royal milk tea’ is a sweet and milky Japanese creation, based on the classic black tea and milk combination widely enjoyed in the United Kingdom. In Japan it can be found bottled or as instant powder, and can be consumed either hot or iced.

Nittoh’s brand new spring offering is of the hot and instant variety. Their ‘Royal Milk Tea Sakura’ will be sold in packs of ten instant tea ‘sticks’.

Just add hot water and stir for a comforting and subtly floral beverage which suits the season perfectly.

Sakura tea lovers can look out for this one from 27th January onwards in various supermarkets, convenience stores and drug stores all over Japan.

By - Jess.