Out of all the cherry blossom themed goods and consumables, possibly the most anticipated each year is the Starbucks offering. Rather than using the same flavours each year or just simply changing the packaging as some companies do, Starbucks tries to be innovative each year bringing us new and interesting flavours to complement the main cherry blossom theme.

The range this year includes a first in the history of the Sakura Series which is a tea alongside the Frappuccino and hot beverage options.

Of course all three drinks have a sakura base, plus a decidedly spring-like strawberry flavour. After this they start to diverge into distinct flavours.

Source: Starbucks Japan

The Sakura Strawberry Pink Mochi Frappuccino (Starbucks Japan aren’t known for brevity when it comes to beverage naming) has the main charm of whipped cream piled on top, covered in thick sakura mochi sauce and strawberry chocolate chips to complement the strawberry flavour.

Next in this year’s line-up is the Sakura Strawberry Pink Milk Latte. Starbucks special sakura strawberry sauce is mixed with milk and finely chopped sakura leaves are mixed in. The hidden flavour of sake lees (the solids left over after sake is separated from fermented rice) should add a kick to this very sweet drink.

Now to the new addition of a tea in the Sakura Series, Sakura Strawberry Pink Tea uses chamomile tea, strawberry sakura sauce, and freeze dried strawberries add a slight sourness to the sweetness.

There are two sets of Starbucks cherry blossom goods to be had, with the two themes of ‘looking back’ (top photo, available from February 15th) and ‘looking forward’ (bottom photo, available from February 28th).

Source: Starbucks Japan

Source: Starbucks Japan

If you’re short on time but in desperate need to sample Starbucks' sakura goodness, there will also be a convenience store cherry blossom drink available in the form of the Sakura Caramel Milk with Mixed Berries.

Source: Starbucks Japan

The Sakura Series beverages are available from February 15th and the convenience store incarnation will be sold from February 13th onwards. Forget the cherry blossom forecast, Starbucks Japan's cherry blossom themed drinks are the real sign that spring is coming!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.