It wasn't too long ago that a Japanese art teacher and designer unleashed wearable, hyper-realistic gigantic felt cats heads that both wowed and terrified the internet. Those interested enough only need to wade a little deeper into the waters of the furry animal head world to find "Kamonohashizokei" ("Platypus Modeling"), a Japanese plastics modeler whose works are so impressive they've been featured in commercials and film. The modeler has a personal fondness for animals that has led to a fascinating lineup of super realistic and captivating molded animal "masks", which include lions, cats, wolves, sheep, and even shoebills!

Kamonohashi's wearable animal heads have a blend of cute and creepy to them depending on your interpretation, but they perfectly capture the expressions and quirks of the animals they set out to replicate. Here are a few examples of the fun and (larger than) lifelike works he's constructed by hand.

Lion Couple



Ram (enjoying coffee!



Kamonohashi carefully molds each head, as you can see below, which can be worn or even hung up as decorations.

Although perhaps you could simply used them to have fun while sweeping the leaves.

In terms of actually ordering the heads, there are two options. If you're in Japan, "exciting bookstore" and oddity shop Village Vanguard has a four select models available for order (Male and female Lion, Wolf, and Shoebill) on their online shop for 264,600-286,200 yen ($2,468-$2,670) depending on the model. Kamonohashi also has a direct online shop with order-made models. Keep in mind they are Japanese and located in Japan, so any contact should be made with patience.

If you're interested in either ordering or simply following these amazing works, be sure to follow Kamonohashizokei on their Twitter, Instagram, and blog below.





Online Shop

By - Big Neko.