You may remember the talented Onigiri Gekijou (Rice Ball Theater, Twitter, YouTube) for their expertly crafted rice balls that look just too cute to eat. Using a variety of ingredients, Onigiri Gekijou turns one of Japan's favorite traditional snacks into realistic but adorable depictions of animals--with perhaps this lifelike cat head being their first big hit.

For instance, take a look at their amazing capybara, baboon, bear, and bunny rice ball creations!

Onigiri Gekijou's latest creation is once again a mouthwatering but adorable treat for cat lovers, recreating a gathering of stray cats by using ingredients creatively to flesh out their unique patterns!

As Onigiri Gekijou explains in a Tweet and an easy to follow making-of video, the rice ball artist uses a combination of seaweed, sesame paste, dried bonito flakes, different types of sesame seeds, and nori seaweed in crafting the feline rice balls. As the video shows, they very carefully knead each ingredient into the ball and even use tweezers to delicately apply each detail.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.