One charming aspect of living in Japan is the constant release of new snacks in various interesting flavours. Some are classic combinations, some are inspired by traditional Japan, some are seasonal, some are eccentric and, let’s be honest, some are just cursed.

But every so often they hit on snack gold with an inspired new creation.

Enter Frito Lay’s Kyoto matcha latte flavoured popcorn. Although Frito Lay are more known for their potato chips, in Japan they have their own brand of popcorn called ‘Mike’, so they know what they’re doing when it comes to this particular snack. But to ensure a great green tea taste for this venture, they’ve collaborated with Itoen, a tea makers. They've also used matcha from Kyoto, an area known for their tea-growing expertise.

Green tea popcorn can already be found in Japan, like Garrett Popcorn’s matcha truffle flavour which came out for New Year, but the idea of specifically a matcha latte flavour is quite a novel one.

Matcha’s bitterness isn’t for everyone, and the mild taste of matcha latte has brought many green tea skeptics to the table and made it a popular every-day drink to consume. The taste of the fragrant and sweet beverage is now being brought to the world of popcorn.

If you find matcha-anything hard to resist, this green tea treat can be currently found in Japanese convenience stores and will be sold in other stores from 10th February.

By - Jess.