You may have heard and seen some internet buzz about a Tokyo cafe that offers incredibly fluffy and perfectly shaped pancakes on their menu, but it turns out that one in Kanazawa is sacrificing a little bit of symmetry for the ability to serve its customers these charming pancakes that dance right on your plate!

Thanks to some viral videos on the net, you may be aware of the Japanese concept of odorigui (dancing eating), which refers to eating either live seafood or seafood freshly killed and still moving (stimulated sometimes by soy sauce). That is in no way a common way of eating in Japan, but the concept behind that acquired delicacy may be easier to swallow in the form of these bouncy and mouth-watering pancakes that appear to be giving you a dance show before you stick your fork into them. Fortunately Kanazawa's Shitamachi no Tokeidai (Downtown Clocktower) lets you experience the phenomenon of dancing food with their "yurete odoru pancakes", or "swaying and dancing pancakes". Ok, so you may have to give them a little nudge, but they definitely shake their doughy hips for you.

The secret behind the dancing pancakes is use of plenty of meringue, writes Macaroni. The pancakes are then baked slowly at a low temperature, preserving the soft and creamy nature of the meringue. While this can cause up to an hour wait when the cafe is crowded, the result is an almost pudding-like texture that causes the pancakes to shake at the slightest movement. Customers remark that you can taste the rich texture of the eggs with the consistency of a souffle, and many are impressed by the delectable lightness of the pancakes for such volume. Flavors include Tiramisu, Uji Matcha and red bean, Fruit toppings, and more!


The green tea variation features Uji Matcha powder, and can be topped with the famous Gold Leaf of Kanazawa. It's an extravagant topping for festive foods, such as gold leaf green tea gelato, and is completely safe to eat.

Uji Matcha

Matcha Redbean

Caramel Banana

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There are also seasonal varieties.

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Cafe "Shitamachi no Tokeidai"

Address: Ishikawa Prefecture, Kanazawa City, Taue-honcho 4-155

Hours: 10:00-22:00 (Closed on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month)

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