Studio Ghibli lovers have been treated to a few awesome piggy banks in the past, including a burping No-Face bank that devours your coins and plays music from Spirited Away, but now fans of the King of the Monsters have a coin guardian of their own with the new Burning Godzilla Bank, which sees Godzilla emerge from the see to grab your money offerings.

The Burning Godzilla Bank lives up to its name, as the piggy bank features the "Burning Godzilla" that appeared in Godzilla vs. Destoroyah reaching out of the sea to stea--err, store the money you place in front of him. As a bonus, the piggy bank gives the classic Godzilla roar and plays a total of 4 songs from the Godzilla score--and an ending theme once 40 coins have been collected.

The seal on the front of the piggy bank was made by Godzilla art designer, Shinji Nishikawa.

The roaring Burning Godzilla Piggy Bank is scheduled to be released for 3,500 yen at hobby shops and online retailers throughout Japan, although it is currently available on sites such as Amazon.

By - Big Neko.