As anticipation builds for this year’s sakura Frappuccino, Starbucks Japan are upping the tension with a slow drip of other awesome spring-inspired product announcements.

Last week they unveiled their first cherry blossom themed drink of the year, a chilled cup beverage which will be sold in convenience stores and supermarkets, called the 'Starbucks Sakura White Chocolate Cheesecake with Milk Pudding'.

Now they’ve revealed their ‘Spring Blend’ range, which will allow us to enjoy their aromatic, seasonally appropriate coffee in the comfort of our own homes or offices.

While the cherry blossom emblazoned packaging just screams Japanese springtime, the coffee’s flavour itself is also inspired by the beloved season. A blend of Latin American and East African beans, the elegant taste of sweet orange and rich milk chocolate is the perfect accompaniment to a relaxing spring day.

The blend is available in powder form, as beans, or in ‘personal drip’ packages, and will be sold not in Starbucks branches, but Japanese supermarkets.

As many people make an effort to reduce waste, Starbucks are also releasing a cherry blossom themed reusable cup to enjoy your spring blend coffee in.

After the popularity of last winter's ‘Cheer Gift’ set, there’s a new one appearing just in time for spring. The box contains five packets of Spring Blend personal drip, the beautifully designed reusable cup, plus an original cup holder which will allow coffee-lovers to transport their beverage around conveniently and stylishly.

While the other items will go on sale in supermarkets from 14th February, the Cheer Gift set can only be obtained via Nestle’s online shop from 28th February 2020. You can also currently pre-order the Spring Blend products from Nestle's online store.

By - Jess.