Starbucks Japan is known for their creative seasonally-limited Frappuccinos, but they sometime double down during holidays for a series of releases, as seen with their Halloween blood red and dark night masquerade flavors and multiple sakura types during cherry blossom season.

That goes for Valentine's Day as well, where Starbucks Japan will release a duo of super chocolatey Frappuccinos, with both creamy and crunchy textures.

The first is the "Melty Nama Chocolate Frappuccino". "Nama chocolate" translates to "raw chocolate" in Japanese, and refers to pure and fresh ganache made from fresh cream and melted cacao. The Frappuccino uses whipped cream-finished mellow chocolate sauce, and is packed smooth cube chocolates. It also comes topped with red heart-shaped sugar candies to celebrate the season, and is being released along side the "Melty Nama Chocolate Mocha" for those craving a similar flavor in the form of a hot drink. Both will be available from January 20th to February 14th.

A week later (January 27th until February 14th), Starbucks Japan will be releasing the "Chocolate on the Chocolate Frappuccino", is a treat for fans of chocolate with a crunchy texture. It mixes three types of chocolate toppings: chocolate-flavored crumbs with the texture of brownies and cakes, cocoa biscuits with a black and crunchy texture, and chocolate cubes with a creamy and smooth finish.

By - Big Neko.