Whether it be for their sturdiness, smooth and clean writing, or sleek looks, fountain pens are becoming a well sought after souvenir for travelers in Japan who look to do some writing. Thanks to the newest addition Japanese stationery Sailor's "Shikiori" series, you can now pen your own fairy tales with four pens inspired by Japanese folklore and legends.

The Shikiori is a series of pens that carry a motif of the beauty of each of Japan's seasons, but the newest four additions are called the "Shikiori Otogibanashi", or "Shikori Fairytale" pens. Each pen combines a season with a well known story from Japanese folklore.


The pen is inspired by the legend of Orihime, who is separated from her lover who is she only allowed to meet on Tanabata, a festival celebrated in the summer.

Crane's Return of a Favor

"Crane's Return of a Favor" (Tsuru no Ongashi) is a legend that tells of a crane who is shot down by hunters, but saved by a man on a cold winter's day. The crane pays back the man with fortune and food in the form of a beautiful wife, at least for a while.


The pen carries the aquatic theme of Ryugu-jo, the undersea palace ruled by the dragon kami of the sea.

Princess Kaguya

The red pen is inspired by the dress of Princess Kaguya, who was said to return to the moon in the middle of the fall.

The ballpoint versions carry a suggested retail price of 7,000 yen and the fountain pen types a price of 13,000 yen. Both types will be made available from Sailor starting March 20th.

By - Big Neko.